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Peritoneal Dialysis this form of Dialysis can be done at home but requires usually a catheter that has a hub that protrudes to the outside of the skin. This method tends to be better tolerated by patients and with fewer side-effects on the rest of the body.Typically the catheter lies in the pelvis. Patients who have had previous multiple abdominal surgeries are not good candidates for this procedure.

Creation of Shunts and Native Fistulae for Dialysis

Hemodialysis usually patients are veined mapped in our office’s vascular laboratory to find a suitable vein and assure a healthy artery to provide adequate inflow. Patients are typically a fistulae requires 6-8 weeks to mature before it can be used. Once matured patients can be treated with Hemodialysis 2-3 a week averaging 4 hours a treatment at a dialysis center.