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Leg Pain

Leg pain or Claudication is usually caused by blockages in the arteries that feed the muscles .

PAD or Peripheral Arterial Disease is caused by plaque that builds up in the wall of the blood vessels.

The Risk Factors for PAD include Aging, Diabetes, Family History, Smoking and High Blood Pressure . These are the same risk factors for Heart Attacks and Strokes since they all have an associated causation.

Our Practice has been a leader in the minimally invasive approach to this problem with over 4,000 cases performed utilizing various tools including IVUS ( Intravascular Ultrasound ) to examine the type of plaque build up and chose the best therapy.

Remote Atherectomy Devices like Directional Atherectomy with TurboHawk or the Jetstream device yield plaque debris excised.

On the other hand Balloon Angiolasty expands the plaque to create a larger luminal channel. A stent is used to tack loose plaque debris that impinges on the channel.