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Venous / blood Clots

Procedures to Bust Clots in Lungs, Arms & Legs

Dr. Khoury has been one of the Pioneers in the field of Thrombolytic Therapy ( Clot Busting ) with procedures dating back to 1993. He has presented his work in this area at the American Venous Forum and at the Society for Clinical Vascular Surgery. His work has been published in the Journal of Vascular Surgery. He was one of the first in the world to carry out such procedures in pregnant women.

Patients with Blood clots in the veins usually present with significant swelling and discoloration along with pain in the affected limb. An Ultrasound is usually used to diagnose the condition.

Risk factors for blood clots include:  Dehydration, Inactivity and bed rest , Recent Surgery, Family history of blood clots, Obesity and Pregnancy.

Below are links that explain some of the procedures we use which are done via a puncture into the clotted vein without a surgical incision.

Treatment of Venous Reflux & Varicose Veins

we use both laser and radio frequency ablation to tackle varicose veins in the lower extremities which tend to cause symptoms of heaviness, aching, swelling and discoloration.

We Perform these procedures at the office in our Designated Procedure Room. Procedures like this done at the office save you thousands in cost compared to Hospital costs.

Below are links that describe both methods.

Treatment of Spider Veins 

Spider veins or Reticular veins can cause pain and heaviness besides being a cosmetic concern. Our Practice has Longstanding experience in Sclerotherapy and Laser in treating them. Sclerotherapy includes injecting these tiny veins with a solution to obstruct the blood Flow to them.

Leg Swelling can be due to scaring from previous blood clots and can be helped by stenting to alleviate swelling.